Listed below are local places of worship in the Lawson community.  If your religious location is not listed and you would like for it to be included on this website, simply give us a call and we will be happy to add it to the list below.

Never Go Too Long Without Watching a Sunset - Atticus

Never Go Too Long Without Watching a Sunset - Atticus

Contact Info

Canaan Hill Nazarene Church
33688 W 190th St.
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-7660

Old Union Church
17990 N Union Rd Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3922

Lawson Church of Christ
7786 SE Hwy 69
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3260

Cornerstone Baptist Church
3rd & N Ingles
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3600

Lawson Bible Church
809 W 6th St
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3628

Lawson United Methodist Church
504 N Pennsylvania Ave
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3210

Lawson Baptist Church
18603 N. 69 Hwy
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-7002

Lawson Assembly of God Church
W 6th St
Lawson, MO
(816) 580-3709

United Christian & Presbyterian Church
4th & Ingles
Lawson, MO
(816) 296-3991

God's Church of Love & Grace
Lawson Community Center

Rayville Christian Union Church
C Hwy
Rayville, MO
(816) 470-2095

Calvary Baptist Church
120 E 3Rd St
Rayville MO
(816) 470-6781

Elmira Baptist Church
33038 James St
Lawson, MO 64062
(816) 296-7020

Vibbard Christian Union Church
15813 Hwy M
Rayville, MO
(816) 296-3788